In this (lengthy) blog post, part 2 of 2, you will find:

  • Putting COVID-19 into perspective
  • Empty shelves – what else I can do – food and therapeutic treatments
  • More delicious immune boosting recipes

Right now, even though I’m sitting at home alone (‘cause I’m doing the right thing), I can feel the energy of anxiety all around me, especially on social media.  It’s like rubbing your forearm, nonstop, with a piece of steel wool!!  All our nerves are on edge, and this, truly, is not a good thing.  Fears and anxieties suppress our immune system significantly, mess with our pH levels and cause inflammation in the body, all of which open up opportunities for little bugs (and viruses).  So, let’s look at some facts about this virus, that I hope will ease your fears and anxiety.

The personal risk to individuals is actually very low, according to the data found on the WHO website.  The likelihood of many of us (up to 70% of the population) catching this virus is quite high, because it is highly contagious, but the likelihood of us dying from it is very low.  However, we have the elderly and immune-compromised to take into consideration, and it is these people we need to protect.

80% of the cases reported, according to the WHO, have been mild in physical impact and 2.3% have died (stats taken from a few days ago).  Again, the deaths being mostly people over the age of 70 and those who are immune-compromised.  We also know that many cases have not been reported so this would dilute the statistics even further. Most of the people who have contracted Covid–19 have recovered without any drugs or vaccinations being developed as yet…. all thanks to our amazing immune systems.

Now I gave you a list of great supplements, thanks to Dr Spitze, that you can take to strengthen your immune system.  You go to your local Dischem or health store and all the shelves are empty! Now what?

As I said in my last news letter…. Last but not least, eat healthy!  We don’t really need all those supplements because ALL of them are found in our food.  I’ll even add a few extras, thanks to well-known nutritionist, Ian Craig, and his amazing insight into how to keep your immune system strong.  He quoted ol’ Louis Pasteur (who was wrongly credited as the person who found penicillin to be a powerful anti-biotic) “The terrain is everything, the germ is nothing”, the terrain being our body.

It is OUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY to look after our immune system, and here’s how you can do it:

Zinc – found in nuts and seeds, lentils and quinoa as well as fish, poultry and red meat.

Vitamin C – found in our citrus fruits, as we know, oranges, grapefruit, naartjies, bell peppers, broccoli, spinach, kale and strawberries (see the link below to the world’s greatest spinach and strawberry salad E.V.E.R.!!)

Vitamin D – Get out into the sunlight, just 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon to help synthesize Vit D.  Found in foods such as fish, eggs, shiitake mushrooms and dairy.

Vitamin E – (not on the last list but an important anti-oxidant) found in green leafy veg, spinach, nuts and seeds and avocados.

Selenium – (not on the last list) It is an anti-oxidant that helps lower oxidative stress, reducing inflammation and enhances the immune system.  Found in fish, poultry, red meat and brazil nuts.

And from me to you… another valuable tip!!
Keep your body and your feet warm all the time, and I really mean ALL THE TIME!!

THERAPEUTIC REFLEXOLOGY and how it can help you right now…

As you know, and have experienced, therapeutic reflexology is not just a foot massage, by any stretch of the imagination.  It has a specific intention behind it.

Adjective:  relating to the healing of disease.
Noun: 1. the branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of disease and the action of remedial agents.  2. a treatment, therapy or drug.

Remember that to keep your body healthy you need to look after your whole body, not just a little part of it. Just as you wouldn’t focus on just one little part of your car engine, you shouldn’t focus just on one little part of your body alone.  For your car to run efficiently you need the entire engine to run in harmony.  Our body is like an engine and reflexology stimulates the entire body in each and every treatment.

During these stressful times reflexology is the perfect therapy to engage in, for many reasons, but let’s look at stress and immunity.  I’ll put it very simply below, and you are welcome to email me (just click reply) if you need me to elaborate… but this blog is getting long now so I’ll keep it short!

Reflexology is one of the greatest antidotes to stress and boosts your immune system.  Ongoing stress erodes the immune system, depletes your system of vital nutrients and minerals and your usual defense against pathogens declines.

  • Reflexology induces a deep state of relaxation which eases tense muscles allowing for better blood flow throughout the body.
  • Oxygen gets to areas and organs that have been starved of oxygen thanks to stress.
  • As blood circulation increases, more toxins (such as excess stress hormones) are moved out of the body and eliminated and nutrients are more effectively distributed around the body.
  • The nervous system also relaxes and clients begin to feel a real state of “rest and relaxation”, the exact opposite of “fight and flight”.  As the nerves relax and energy begins to flow freely we feel a surge of vitality and well-being.
  • As all these things begin to happen organs begin to function normally again.
  • There is a reduced state of inflammation in the body.
  • With the reduced stress and tension, blood pressure begins to normalize.

 “If Reflexology never accomplished anything more than combating stress with relaxation, it is serving its purpose very well.”  – Keven and Barbara Kunz in The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology

 May I stress that my practice has always been exceptionally clean and I am now sanitizing daily.  I am changing linen after every client and of course and as usual, I wash my hands before and after ever client.  My reception is away from the main building and is also being sanitized daily.  I perform the treatment one-on-one so you have no need to engage with any other person on the property.  I am doing all I can to ensure that your experience at my practice is safe and clean.  Click HERE to secure an appointment.

One last thing before I share my two delish immune boosting recipes:

We are not able to control our external environment right now, BUT, we most certainly can take control of our internal environment (our terrain), and now is the time to do that.  Stop being afraid to step out your front door, go for therapeutic treatments that will boost your immune system, eat properly and go visit your friend. Continue being mindful of distancing yourself from public areas when not absolutely necessary and don’t forget to wash your hands.



Much love to you and your families


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