This is the first of my “Growing Together” series of blogs.  Not only now, but at all times, I believe it’s important that we, as small businesses, support each other and help each other grow through creating awareness and valuable connections.  I hope you enjoy meeting, connecting and  learning from one another.  It’s time to have some fun!!

Today I would like to introduce you to my very special friend NAOMI ESTMENT who is a personal branding photographer, videographer, trainer and award-winning blogger. She’s passionate about helping people shine on camera and become the stars of their brands, instead of just the face of their brands, which is so valuable now as we rely on connecting online.

With this in mind, she has a free online course that may really help you. I’ll let her explain:

“Hello everyone in Michelle’s special community!

As she mentioned, it’s now more important than ever to be grounded and clear in your personal brand and to intentionally develop an online presence that represents you and your work in a compelling, authentic way, so that you can attract and connect with your ideal clients.

But I know this can be challenging for many of us, as it was for me for a long time. In my experience photographing and filming hundreds of people since 2004, I’ve learnt that every one of us can shine on camera (consistently) and make it count, once we learn the skill set.

So, I created my online courses to teach confidence on camera, how to master the details of personal branding shoots, how to pose beautifully in photos and present like a pro on video, and how to leverage the power of photos and videos online via effective visual marketing.

If you’d like to find out more and discover some insider secrets to become the star of your brand, as well as how much fun it can be, you’re welcome to sample my free online course here.

Either way, I hope you stay safe and supported, and find ways to be inspired in sharing your unique message online through photos and videos that you and your followers love.

Sincere thanks to Michelle for this wonderful opportunity to connect with you, and I look forward to discovering more about you too!”



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