Let me introduce you to SIMPLY BEE, Natural Beeswax products that are 100% Pure & Natural

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Simply Bee – Retail Pricelist 1 Jan 2019

Simply Bee’s products offer all natural handmade products, free from harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances and parabens. Making them safe and environmentally friendly.

With Helena, the owner, being allergic to most cosmetics with synthetic ingredients and harsh preservatives, She has done much research, trials and studying of the bees and their products. This led to the beginning of Simply Bee, a range of natural, organic products for both the body and the home. Simply Bee is very fortunate to have beehives in Fynbos rich areas around Hopefield where there is no commercial farming within the immediate vicinity. Therefore, their honey, beeswax and propolis are all 100% organic. Their bees are not used for commercial pollination either, eliminating the negative effects of exposure to chemicals. Their hives are all placed on stands, which also makes them badger-friendly.

They strive to support their local suppliers, so their carrier and essential oil ingredients are bought from reputable local companies. They started off with only five products in the range but due to public demand the range has now grown to over 120 products in a relatively short period. These include body lotions, hand creams, foot balm, ointments, shampoo, soaps, facial skin products and polishes. The secret of a good product for the skin lies in the combination of good, natural ingredients with natural processes designed to maximise purity without damaging the ingredients. Natural ingredients are profoundly effective. They stimulate your senses, are better for the environment and beneficial to your overall well-being. Natural ingredients nurture the skin with wholesome nutrients that are familiar to the body’s chemistry, thus working in harmony with the body. Helena believes that natural ingredients must come from a renewable and plentiful resources found in nature, yet with absolutely no petroleum compounds.

Equally important is how those ingredients are processed. Helena controls the manufacture of all her products. Any processing, including distillation, condensation, extraction, steaming, and hydrolysis are kept to a minimum.

“My goal is to maximise purity without negative effects on the ingredients – simply put: my goal is to keep natural ingredients natural. This ensures full retention of their beneficial properties.” says Helena

Simply Bee strongly believes in sustainable and responsible bee-keeping.


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