Another exciting and interesting Growing Together feature in my newsletter this month is LaPachaMama.  Amy Anne is the founder of LaPachaMama, I’ll let her tell you a little more about her intriguing business!!

 “Amy Anne is the founder of LaPachaMama, a company dedicated to embracing the new Aquarian Age of purpose-driven business. She is a spiritual mentor, yoga teacher and energy healer and gifts this to the world by creating a safe space for healing to take place in order to encourage heart-led leadership. She has a dream of creating a world where ancient indigenous cultures are resurrected and people are healed and empowered, by working with one brave soul at a time and guiding them to heal themselves by tapping into the innate wisdom that lies buried beneath their wounds and conditioning. She believes it is important for us to go back to basics and learn to work WITH our bodies and Mother Nature instead of against her, in order for us to thrive, so they can heal themselves and empower their eco-systems, thus creating a healed and empowered world.

Having walked her own path of healing and transmuting her trauma wounds around various forms of abuse, sexual trauma, domestic violence, and PTSD, she has won her own war against mental health, the western medical system and the stigmas around it.

On her healing journey, Amy became a student of many modalities like Aromatherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Herbology, Jungian Psychology, Shamanism, Reiki Energy Healing, Reconnective Energy Healing, Nutrition, Tantra, Transformational Life Coaching, Embodiment Work and Womb Wisdom and weaves her learnings and experience into her offerings. Amy believes healing is a never-ending journey and remains a student to some of these as well as other modalities, ensuring to continue her training and upgrading to always bring depth of knowledge to her clients.

While she is currently taking her business online, this is how you can currently work with her:

  • Spiritual Mentoring
  • Personalised Yoga Classes
  • Energy Healing

All of these are online services and can be done in person by special request. A special discount of 50% has been extended for all those who enquire within the lockdown period. Please download the attached LaPachaMama 50% Discount Voucher for redemption. Note that these vouchers are not valid for programs, they are valid for 1:1 mentoring, healing and yoga sessions. One per person.”

Thank you Amy, for that introduction and your very generous discount offer during lockdown.  We wish you well in your business.

Amy may be contacted on
Cell  :  076 413 1194
E-mail  :
Facebook  :  :

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