Another exciting and interesting Growing Together feature this month is Physiotherapist and Adaptive Yoga Instructor, Kim Cocciuti.  Kim joined our family at 33 Old Kilcullen Health & Wellness Centre in January this year.  Welcome Kim, you bring with you an array of exciting therapies, and we love the fact that we now have YOGA at the centre.  Kim’s offering a free introductory yoga class to those who may be interested.  Read on to find out more…


 “Hello!! My name is Kim Cocciuti and I am a physiotherapist with a special interest in chronic pain. With over 17 years of clinical experience, I have established a dynamic patient centred practice and I have recently relocated to the leafy suburb of Bryanston!  My fascination with the amazing and complex human body combined with a fervent passion for helping people, made physiotherapy the perfect career choice for me. Early in my career, I realised there is more to pain than tissue injury and the powerful interaction between the mind and body inspired me to develop my knowledge and skills in this area. I am an insatiable academic at heart and I am currently completing my Masters degree in Pain Management at WITS University. I have a deep love for learning and I keep up to date with the current evidenced based best practice guidelines.

I am also a yoga teacher and teach group classes as well as private adaptive yoga classes. Adaptive yoga is for anyone with physical impairments or disabilities (spinal cord injury, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, osteoarthritis, post operative conditions, fibromyalgia, psychological trauma etc) to reap the many benefits of yoga in an individualised and accessible manner. Yoga is a beautiful mindful tool to connect the mind and body to improve strength, balance, flexibility and mental health, and develop a deepened self-awareness.

I treat adults and children with chronic pain, acute pain, complex musculoskeletal conditions or injuries, fibromyalgia, stubborn sports injuries, post-operative orthopaedic rehabilitation, chest infections, back and neck pain as well as upper and lower limb injuries. I offer an integrated mind-body service of hands-on manual therapy treatments and techniques (soft tissue and joint mobilisations, dry needling, strapping etc) combined with exercise prescription, Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE), counselling and of course yoga! I work within an interprofessional team and refer to other healthcare professionals when necessary, to optimize each client’s management.

All physiotherapy treatments and adaptive yoga sessions can be claimed back from medical aid.

(Please contact Kim for more information and class times)
083 292 6868
FB: @kimcocciuti

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