As a certified Therapeutic Reflexologist, birth Doula and Infant Massage Instructor, I am passionately dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain health and wellness through reflexology, lifestyle and good nutrition. I provide guidance on how to make healthy choices, while highlighting the physical and emotional benefits of doing so.

My primary passion lies in pregnancy, birth and babies and because of this my practice has taken on its own path which has led to much infertility, pregnancy, birth and post pregnancy support and treatment. This flame was ignited after the birth of my first child, which led to the realization that pregnancy, birth and especially the post-birth stage of a woman’s life, can be a very lonely and confusing time. Through my reflexology and doula practices, I assist pregnant women and new mothers in maintaining optimal health and wellness on both a physical and emotional level and supporting them through this beautifully fragile time. For more insight into the benefits of reflexology during this period of your life, please visit my Maternity Reflexology and Other Services page.

But, that doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten Dad or any other member of the family! Within my own family I see and understand that we all need to feel supported, we all need our health, we all need to release the stress and nurture ourselves once in a while. Highly beneficial in reducing STRESS and managing emotional upsets, Reflexology is a time for you to “take a load off” and focus on yourself.

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