Emotional Wellbeing – 10 proven ways to reduce anxiety

This is just a little check in to see how you are doing?  I’ve been feeling a little “wobbly” lately, especially after being told we’ll be in lockdown for another two weeks, and get the feeling that you might be feeling the same.  My anxiety levels are higher than they should be, I’m not sleeping […]

CORONAVIRUS #2 – Foods that Boost your Immune System

In this (lengthy) blog post, part 2 of 2, you will find: Putting COVID-19 into perspective Empty shelves – what else I can do – food and therapeutic treatments More delicious immune boosting recipes Right now, even though I’m sitting at home alone (‘cause I’m doing the right thing), I can feel the energy of […]

CORONAVIRUS #1 -What you can do about it

In this blog post, part 1 of 2, you will find: What you can do for you and your family to boost your immune system Why you should wash your hands with normal soap Simple and cost effective immune boosting tea recipe During this very challenging time, the stress alone can have a negative impact […]