Are Your Worries Keeping You Awake?

  It’s been wonderful to be back in my practice and to connect with my clients again.  One of the biggest problems presenting right now is that people are not sleeping.  The concerns surrounding our family’s health, our livelihoods, the ongoing doom and gloom in the media, the uncertainty of what the future holds is […]

100% Safe, Sanitiser Solution

  Radical Labs offers a 100% NATURAL AND SAFE sanitizing solution. FULL PDF BROCHURE : RADICAL LABS – Safe Sanitiser Solution Radical Labs Safe Sanitiser Solution which is non-alcohol based and safe for the entire family. Top Benefits Include: SABS approved to kill 99.9% of germs including viruses, bacteria and fungi. Non-toxic – safely protects the […]

Permission by AHPCSA to Practice

  I am beyond thrilled to let you know that all Allied Health Professions have been granted permission by the Allied Health Council of South Africa to open their doors and begin practicing their much needed therapies.   A copy of the essential permit to perform my services as well as a copy of my letter […]

Simply Bee – Pricelist

Let me introduce you to SIMPLY BEE, Natural Beeswax products that are 100% Pure & Natural Click on the link below for a copy of the Simply Bee price list Simply Bee – Retail Pricelist 1 Jan 2019 Simply Bee’s products offer all natural handmade products, free from harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances and parabens. Making […]

Growing Together #1 – Naomi Estment

This is the first of my “Growing Together” series of blogs.  Not only now, but at all times, I believe it’s important that we, as small businesses, support each other and help each other grow through creating awareness and valuable connections.  I hope you enjoy meeting, connecting and  learning from one another.  It’s time to […]

Emotional Wellbeing – 10 proven ways to reduce anxiety

This is just a little check in to see how you are doing?  I’ve been feeling a little “wobbly” lately, especially after being told we’ll be in lockdown for another two weeks, and get the feeling that you might be feeling the same.  My anxiety levels are higher than they should be, I’m not sleeping […]

CORONAVIRUS #2 – Foods that Boost your Immune System

In this (lengthy) blog post, part 2 of 2, you will find: Putting COVID-19 into perspective Empty shelves – what else I can do – food and therapeutic treatments More delicious immune boosting recipes Right now, even though I’m sitting at home alone (‘cause I’m doing the right thing), I can feel the energy of […]

CORONAVIRUS #1 -What you can do about it

In this blog post, part 1 of 2, you will find: What you can do for you and your family to boost your immune system Why you should wash your hands with normal soap Simple and cost effective immune boosting tea recipe During this very challenging time, the stress alone can have a negative impact […]

Reflexology for Insomnia

Not sleeping?  Reflexology can help you!! It’s terribly hard to struggle with continued lack of sleep.  It leaves you feeling horribly fatigued, brain foggy, irritable and just down right miserable.  Insomnia can be debilitating and will affect us on a physical and emotional level with days feeling endless as you try and function as well […]

Simply Bee Foot Range

YAY!!  It’s the first day of spring and although this means blossoms, sunny mornings, warm breezes and tweeting birds, it also means it’s time to kick off those shoes and let those feet out…. GASP!!  If you’re thinking that your feet need a little TLC before stepping into your favourite pair of sandals then take […]