To enhance the effectiveness of your reflexology treatment and assist you in achieving your goal I offer the following additional therapies and services relating to health, wellness and pregnancy.

The word “Doula” (Doola) is a Greek word meaning “woman servant or caregiver” or “a woman who serves other women”. This concept is not new. A woman supporting another woman through labour is a tradition that goes back many years in all cultures. A doula’s goal is to assist mothers in having safe and satisfying birth experiences, as they define it. Her role is to provide emotional and practical support to pregnant mothers and their husbands throughout pregnancy, for the entire duration of the labour and birth and after the birth. A Doula is not medically trained but rather mothers women during their transition into motherhood, spends time getting to know them during pregnancy, discussing their birth wishes, being their voice during childbirth and supporting them at home after the baby is born.

Obstetric Acupressure prior to or during labour prompts the birthing mother’s body to find a balance and therefore work more effectively, increasing functioning of pregnancy and labour hormones, promoting the release of endorphins and blocking pain receptors to the brain thereby increasing the efficiency of the contractions. It is thought to shorten labour and gives the mother the feeling that she is being helped and supported. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Meridians, this therapy involves stimulating certain acupressure points by applying firm pressure with the thumbs, knuckles or elbows. Prior to labour it is done in conjunction with a full reflexology treatment.

Balancing massage on the lower legs encourages the birthing mother’s entire body to regain balance prior to the arrival of her baby. As an induction tool it is highly effective in stimulating the onset of contractions by inducing relaxation and lowering stress. This treatment is done in conjunction with a full reflexology treatment.

Moxa and Sacral Massage (using hands or glass cups) engages the warmth of the moxa together with the “opening” massage on the sacrum (or lower back) to encourage the movement of energy and onset of natural labour. Most women find this treatment to be comforting, nurturing and helpful because towards the end of pregnancy energy tends to become stagnant and blocked around the pelvic area. This treatment is done in conjunction with a full reflexology treatment.

Pelvic Floor Release is a side-lying technique that helps to release the pelvic floor, which is a layer of muscles that holds up the lower abdominal organs. Habits of modern day life such as cycling, pilates, crossing your legs or driving a car can cause this muscle to become tight or twisted. As a baby is born it descends through an opening in the pelvic floor muscles, with the result that tension in the pelvic floor may cause the labour to be longer or make the baby tip its head to the side, reducing the chances of a natural birth. This therapy is done in conjunction with a full reflexology treatment.

Optimal Fetal Positioning is achieved using Spinning Babies techniques to “optimize the physical relationship between the bodies of the mother and the baby for the easing of childbirth.” In other words, exercises that encourage and allow the baby to shift into the best possible position for natural childbirth by aligning the pelvis. This treatment is done in conjunction with a full reflexology treatment.

Auricular Therapy, or Ear Reflexology, is highly effective in bringing about healing within the body as well as treating pregnancy related symptoms, inducing labour and strengthening contractions during labour. This happens through stimulation of reflex points found on the ear, which represents a microsystem of the body. Much like conventional foot reflexology, stimulating pressure points on the ear can effectively treat many conditions such as addictions, mood swings and depression, pain, muscular-skeletal and nervous system disorders. This therapy entails placing inconspicuous metal beads onto the reflex points on the ear in order to stimulate the related organ or system.

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