Is your gut struggling with the dairy?  I am now proudly affiliated with Almond Creamery, South Africa’s one and only locally made plant-based nut milk.  These milks are freshly made every week and contain no sugar, preservatives, colourants or flavourants.  Rich in healthy fats, proteins and minerals, they are wonderful for all members of the family.

The nut milk contains up to 5 times more nuts compared to most long-life brands, and are proudly South African with the nuts sourced from local farmers.  Only natural ingredients are used in the milks, such as dates to add sweetness as well as 100% cacao powder, real coffee and natural chai spices, making these milks truly delicious and healthy.

The four delicious flavours, which include chocolate, chai, vanilla and coffee, come in 250ml bottles. In the 1 litre sachets they offer pure almond, macadamia nut blend and coconut milk nut blend as well as chocolate, ideal for home use.

If you would like more information you may visit their website or email me directly for a price list.

How it works:  For home use – place your order for your fresh milk with me by Saturday each week and receive it on a Thursday.


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