Hotel Hope Ministries

True to my heart and where my passion lies (pregnancy, birth and babies), today I am reaching out for donations for Hotel Hope Ministries, one of Johannesburg’s many baby orphanages situated in Melville.  Please read a little more about them below. FB: Mornings at Hotel Hope (can you just imagine!!)  In the past three weeks […]

Growing Together #6 – Caroline Schwarz – Health & Skincare Specialist

In this, my 6th Growing Together feature, I am so pleased to introduce you to Caroline Schwarz, Health and Skincare Specialist. Caroline joined the 33 Old Kilcullen Health & Wellness Centre family in October last year.  Your salon looks beautiful Caroline, I hope you have settled in and feel at home at our gorgeous Wellness […]

Not all Challenges Need to be Challenging

Exactly – not all challenges need to be challenging!! The past 18 months have been very challenging for all of us.  But not all challenges need to be stressful!! Today’s blog is very short, and what I believe to be, very sweet. Since about October 2020 there has been a significant change in the “type” […]

Low GL Buttermilk Rusks

  These crunchy, blood sugar friendly, low GL buttermilk rusks are just what you need to motivate you to get up on a wintery morning:-D  Make yourself a heart-warming cup of tea and dunk away!!  WARNING:  Too delicious so don’t max out on them… only 2 per day now OK! 750ml cake flour 50ml baking […]

Growing Together #5 – Kim Cocciuti – Physiotherapist & Yoga Instructor

  Another exciting and interesting Growing Together feature this month is Physiotherapist and Adaptive Yoga Instructor, Kim Cocciuti.  Kim joined our family at 33 Old Kilcullen Health & Wellness Centre in January this year.  Welcome Kim, you bring with you an array of exciting therapies, and we love the fact that we now have YOGA […]

Dipping into Stress Bod (otherwise known as Adrenal Fatigue)

#longreadbutworthit Like most things in our current lives, if you can’t actually see it or tangibly feel it, it doesn’t exist. Did you know that stress is one of the most highly underrated conditions in today’s world. Often it is neglected until it becomes unmanageable, leaving you feeling out of control of your own life, […]

Delish Healthy Dips

  Thanks to Uncle Cyril, we can now enjoy a crisp glass of wine with our friends!! But, considering how important it is to keep our immune systems in tact, let’s get rid of those pro-inflammatory fried potato chips and dip into something that’s much more nutritious and healthy. RED LENTIL HUMMUS This Red Lentil Hummus […]

Lunch Box Lovelies – Choc Nut Melts

These delicious & healthy Choc Nut Melts add excitement and energy to kiddies lunch boxes!! Makes 36 melts 190ml soft brown sugar 30ml cocoa powder, sifted 60ml full cream milk 15ml oil, peanut, macadamia or coconut 60ml peanut butter 310ml rolled oats Line a baking sheet with waxed paper. Mix the sugar and sifted cocoa […]

Guilt-Free (Miniature) Carrot and Walnut Cake

Thanks to PATRICK HOLFORD for this fabulous, dead simple, tea-time treat that you can enjoy without feeling guilty. “The walnuts, carrots and eggs in this cake lower the GL score and provide plenty of varied nutrients. Delicious with a cup of herbal tea at the end of a long day. If you choose the walnut […]

Growing Together #4 – LaPachaMama

Another exciting and interesting Growing Together feature in my newsletter this month is LaPachaMama.  Amy Anne is the founder of LaPachaMama, I’ll let her tell you a little more about her intriguing business!! ~~oOo~~  “Amy Anne is the founder of LaPachaMama, a company dedicated to embracing the new Aquarian Age of purpose-driven business. She is […]