YAY!!  It’s the first day of spring and although this means blossoms, sunny mornings, warm breezes and tweeting birds, it also means it’s time to kick off those shoes and let those feet out…. GASP!!  If you’re thinking that your feet need a little TLC before stepping into your favourite pair of sandals then take a look at Simply Bee’s lovely foot (or feet… which one is it??) range of products.  As always, it’s real, it’s natural and it’s pure.  Nothing added and nothing taken out.

Simply Bee Foot Cream 125ml – R105.00

This super creamy lotion provides a triple treat for your feet!   Consumers have reported that through regular use of the Simply Bee foot cream they experience great results with the nourishing and moisturising of rough, dry, or calloused feet.

The real contributors to fabulous feet are beeswax and Propolis. The combination of beeswax and Proposil seals in the natural goodness for a complete pampering treat for your feet.  Other ingredients include shea butter and sweet almond oil to make it extra nourishing.

Simply Bee Heel Balm 125ml – R135.00
This ultra-rich, unique, all-natural formula contains beeswax, Propolis, shea butter, sweet almond and tea tree oil.  This thick waxy product seals in moisture whilst still allowing your skin to breathe.  The ultimate balm for dry, cracked heels.

Apply every day after your shower or bath or as needed.

Simply Bee Foot File – R70.00
Branded Simply Bee Foot File, use daily to remove dry and calloused skin.





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