YAYYYYYY!!  I’m so excited that this initiative has taken off and I can help to create awareness of all the fantastic small businesses out there with their outstanding products.  Many of these products we would never know exist if it wasn’t for social media…. so, here’s a big ol’ “HATS OFF” to social media. Unfortunately, it’s a tough platform to crack when it comes to marketing.  These superb products we don’t see in our stores and it makes me wonder how much more is out there that we don’t know about?  How many more small businesses are out there selling incredible products that we are unaware of?  Honestly, I’ve never been a mall rat and much prefer to buy online from small businesses.  I just find it so much more of a personal experience and the products themselves… so much more unique.

So, here we go… today I would love to introduce you to KELLY DEANE and her beautiful business, Blue Heaven. What sets Blue Heaven apart is that Kelly sources organic (my personal fave!!!), non-toxic Pilates and movement supplies for children, adults, pregnant ladies and the elderly. In her feature below she’s going to tell you a bit more about herself, her Swing Board and her Rainbow Rocker.  How  much fun do they look???? LOOK OUT FOR THE GIVEAWAY AT THE END OF THE POST


“I qualified as a Montessori teacher a few years ago and taught abroad in Thailand. From that point, I was very interested in the Reggio Emilia approach which was very prominent within the international school that I taught at there. I wanted to blend this in with what I had learnt in my Montessori studies, and so Blue Heaven Movement began. The Reggio Emilia approach focuses a lot on the dimensions of light and self-exploration, and that’s what I believe the Rainbow Rocker and Swing Board masterpieces represent for both children and adults alike.

I’m currently studying towards becoming a Pilates instructor, and it’s awesome and just so beautiful when I see how these boards are being incorporated worldwide into this practice.  I’ve been able to extend upon my studies in this way, by just using a new and impactful piece of equipment.

It was very important to me that Blue Heaven would be proudly local even from the start point of manufacturing, especially during the times we find ourselves in, whereby small businesses really need our investment and love to get our country firing up again, and where the focus hasn’t truly been for all this time. Therefore, the wood of both boards is sustainably and locally sourced, as well as being non-toxic and organic.

More about the products:

SWING BOARD aka Pure One

The Swing Board is made from organic maple and birch wood and is locally sourced and manufactured in South Africa.  They are so pure and beautiful to look at, which adds to their allure. It can be used at any age, adult or child. These are wonderful to use in Yoga/Pilates classes, or simply for personal, at-home use. They stimulate active imaginative play, as well as core strength, balance and flexibility.

I use mine regularly for any Yoga or Pilates sessions I do at home, as well as for functional exercises like squatting or lunges.  My husband and I have been using ours extensively during lockdown and have discovered so many new and exciting ways to use them which I now feature on both my Facebook and Instagram social media pages. My 6-month-old little boy also uses it daily for tummy time, as well as for every dynamic learning tool, which I also share with my followers. Several schools now use my Swing Boards as part of their PE lessons, and this has been so rewarding for me to witness. Currently, I’m working on creating different felt colours to go on the underside of each, so that they are personalized for each buyer.


This showpiece looks like a slice of rainbow pie, and is so dear to my heart, because it was created with my son in mind, whilst I was still pregnant.  He is known as our ‘Wild One’ and so the other name for these Rockers go by this name.  The smaller babies/children tend to really love these, due, of course, to the bright colours.  They can also be turned upside down to play ‘shop shop’, they can be rocked on, balanced on – anything!  That’s what I absolutely love about these boards – there are no limits in terms of how and where they can be used.



Besides introducing various felt colours on the underside of the Swing Boards, Blue Heaven will be coming out with the Swing 360 board.  You can spin on it, and it’s pretty much like a fun merry-go-round!

I can’t wait to share the launch of this beauty soon.

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Winner to be announced on 15 May 2020

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