I am beyond thrilled to let you know that all Allied Health Professions have been granted permission by the Allied Health Council of South Africa to open their doors and begin practicing their much needed therapies.   A copy of the essential permit to perform my services as well as a copy of my letter of registration can be found in the links provided below.

Copy of registration letter AHPCSA

Reflexology not only benefits you on a physical level but on an emotional level too. It is an extremely effective way to manage stress and anxiety. If you are feeling traumatised, like you are on an emotional roller coaster, unable to concentrate, have underlying ongoing levels of anxiety, depression or feel you are in a state of “freeze”, please reach out and contact me.  The treatments will help to ground you and release any tension you are holding within your body. It switches off our fight/flight response and switches on our rest/recovery response allowing the nervous system some time to breath and to reset itself. If you feel like you are functioning on the very edge of your nerves then reflexology is the perfect therapy right now.  The effects of the treatment are immediate.

On a physical level we need our immune system to be fully functional in this time of high stress and uncertainty.  Our immune system is made up of a number of different organs and is a complex, well orchestrated machine that needs oxygen and nutrients to function properly.  The reflexology treatments have an immediate effect on our blood circulation allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach these organs (and all other organs), feeding them, boosting them and de-congesting them so they can function at their very best.

Email me at info@michellewalton.co.za or WHATSAPP me on 082 871 0210 if you have any questions.  I am very happy to help and I am here for you.


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Get In Touch: For more information on the benefits of Reflexology or to discuss how I can help you on your health and wellness journey, you’re welcome to call me on 082 871 0210 or complete my contact form and I will be in touch.

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